The EU heroes who work on saving the Danube sturgeons

Did you know that the EU brings people together to work across borders and protect you and millions of other citizens? Whether they’re preparing to rush to the scene of an emergency in the blink of an eye, researching the cure for a mysterious condition, or working to make your area a little greener; together these ordinary heroes make Europe a better place to live. They aren’t seeking recognition – they’re simply doing their job.

The EU Protects campaign that is running this month with particular focus in Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Portugal, Greece and Malta reminds us that local heroes everywhere – in every community, in every region, in every country in the EU and their work has a big impact. It’s the EU, which makes it possible for these heroes to come together to address the problems that go beyond national borders, whether organised crime or climate change.

As part of the “LIFE for Danube Sturgeons” project we have our heroes, whose stories you can read here on the website as well as on the EU Protects website

Sturgeon populations in the Danube river have been dropping over the past 50 years. The loss of this ancient fish would have serious consequences for the health of the river and the Danube’s fishing communities alike. Find the whole article that features our colleagues for their work on saving the endangered Danube sturgeons by clicking on this web address –