WWF Romania introduced “Active Youth Academy” in fishing communities

In mid-September in Tulcea, WWF Romania launched a new initiative called “Active Youth Academy” for young people in fishing communities along the Danube Delta.

IMG E1661 225x300 - WWF Romania introduced “Active Youth Academy” in fishing communitiesThe idea is several Eco-clubs to be formed and follow a joint educational programme – “Active Youth Academy”, where young people will be actively educated and involved in nature conservation and most importantly – in the protection of the Danube sturgeons.

As a trial, WWF Romania gathered fifteen middle and high school students and six of their teachers, all from the communities of Borcea, Galați and Jurilovca, at a three-day workshop. During the training WWF’s experts in conservation, communications and non-formal education, with the help of external trainers, presented the whole concept and the structure of the lessons which will be carried out during the next two school years. The educational tool is a 160 pages manual on different nature protection topics regarding the Danube Delta, with a separate chapter on sturgeons. 

Altogether, four Eco-clubs have been set up under the Academy’s umbrella for two school years. The clubs will work on the same theme for one school year and will change the theme of their project for the second school year.

IMG E1680 225x300 - WWF Romania introduced “Active Youth Academy” in fishing communities “At this training, we talked a lot, interacted via games and we got to know each other well. And despite the difference in age between children and adults, we all felt connected by our desire to engage and learn about nature, about the Danube river and sturgeons. We all shared a common desire to do something good for the communities on the Danube river.” – says Ioana Cenusa, Communications expert “LIFE for Danube Sturgeons” Romania – “We want the future generation in the fishing communities to be responsible and passionate about nature, and eager to get actively involved in the protection of the endangered Danube sturgeons.”

The activity is part of the “LIFE for Danube sturgeons” project and aims to educate and involve young people from fishing communities in sturgeons’ conservation.