Sturgeon 1.0 Now Available to Watch

A new sturgeon tutorial is here for our youngest nature explorers who are interested to know more about sturgeons, one of the oldest inhabitants of the Danube River – and even the planet.

Can you imagine that sturgeons are as old as dinosaurs? Nowadays, unlike dinosaurs, sturgeons still can be found on Earth, but they are highly endangered due to overfishing, dams blocking their migration and polluted water.

The video is now available in Bulgarian, Romanian, English and soon – in Ukrainian and Serbian too. It is a result of partnering between the project partners with the number one educational platform in Bulgaria, that’s been known for their excellent presentation of school lessons targeted at school children and high school students too. have been awarded with multiple prizes for their incredible and innovative efforts in the area of education, among which Bulgarian Web Awards, Forbes, Presidential Awards John Atanasov and many more.

How many species of sturgeon are there in the Lower Danube? Why are sturgeons so important for people? What is “black gold”? Play the video tutorial to find out more about sturgeons and the problems that endanger their survival. Tell your friends, have them tell their friends, and together we can help the sturgeons survive!