New Sturgeon Center Established in Negotin (Serbia)

Negotin, May 21st – WWF Adria celebrated the opening of a new Sturgeon Center in Negotin alongside local partners. Founding a new conservation hub is seen as a great step towards better engagement of the local community, not only in the activities of the “LIFE for Danube Sturgeons” project, but in the process of creating a sturgeon brand in the region. 

The establishment of the Center was announced in a meeting held in the local library “Dositej Obradović”, whose Director –  Mr Milorad Grbović – will be the Sturgeon Center’s first President, working closely together with members of WWF Adria and ISKRIVA – Institute for Development of Local Potentials. 

The meeting to cut the ribbon of Negotin’s newest center was joined by representatives of Negotin Municipality – the Deputy President, the Head of Department for Economy and members of the Agriculture Advisory Body, the Krajina Museum and a local NGO. 

Presenting A1 study in Negotin May 21 300x200 - New Sturgeon Center Established in Negotin (Serbia)
Predstavljanje studije o društveno-ekonomskim potencijalima Negotina

The coordinator of the LIFE sturgeon project in Serbia, Mrs Vesna Maksimović, presented the study “Assessment of socio-economic situation and natural resources in fishing communities in Prahovo, Radujevac and Negotin” and outlined the possible work phases for creating the sturgeon brand. 

Mr Goran Piperski from ISKRIVA shared insights on perspective business ideas for the local area, that could be put in a business plan and would have the potential at a later stage to lead to the actual establishment of the sturgeon brand. 

The Sturgeon Center aims to also get the youth from Negotin involved, especially economy, marketing or management students that are currently away, studying all around Serbia. The Center founders believe that by developing business opportunities, they will create strong stimulus for young entrepreneurs and the local talents to return back to their native cities and contribute to the growth of the local economy.  

It is lovely to see that we’re really generating a working and enthusiastic ecosystem of sturgeon supporters here in Negotin. Working with the local community is the key to safeguard sturgeons from the threats they face on a daily basis, while fighting for their survival,” concluded Mrs Vesna Maksimović.