It is the First Blockbuster that No One Wants to Watch

Learn and care about rivers in order to help us NOT to produce this movie.

Using the sturgeon release as a launching point, WWF-Bulgaria wanted to use sturgeons and their story to inform people about what is going on with Bulgarian rivers – their problems and those of their inhabitants, and why is it important to have free flowing rivers and take care of them. Since sturgeons are not something people come face-to-face with every day, especially since they are the most endangered group of species on the planet, the organisation turned to something more familiar to the average person – movies. And just like a good movie, the script has a twist and a hijacking scene.

Since sturgeons have been around since the time of the dinosaurs, WWF has hijacked the logotype of the Jurassic Park movie poster to create a film – Anthropocene. While dinosaurs went extinct in the Jurassic Era; due to our attitude towards rivers and their inhabitants, sturgeons are facing a similar fate in ours, the Anthropocene Era. No one wants to see this movie, this situation, become a reality. So the twist is an appeal by Bulgarian film directors to help them stop the filming of this movie/reality.

“Learn and care about rivers in order to help us NOT to produce this movie. It is the first blockbuster that no one wants to watch,” appeals director Kamen Kolarov in the movie trailer.

Three short animated films about The Making of Anthropocene will focus on the most common problems rivers face; problems that further endanger sturgeon such as water pollution, dams and other obstacles that block migration, and poaching. These are also among the issues the project ‘LIFE for Danube Sturgeons’ has been dealing with since 2016.