online platform to help save Danube sturgeons

WWF-Romania celebrates the World Environment Day on June 5 by launching the platform. The online alert system will facilitate the efforts of engaged citizens to save sturgeons and other important parts of nature and will enhance the capacity of law enforcement agencies to deal with environmental issues.

Citizens who have information about cases of poaching, illegal fishing, pollution, or other act of wildlife crime can use the alert platform to notify the authorities for the illegal activities. In recent years, people have become more sensitive when it comes to environmental issues, but they don’t always know how or where to send the information they have. The online platform acţ will be a very valuable tool, which people can use to report wildlife crime and environmental problems in a secure form that will protect their identity. This will help competent law enforcement agencies to take action as quickly and efficiently as possible. According to the type of reported cases, the platform will advise the user either to send a referral to a relevant institution or will give recommendations for further steps, depending on the issue.

People can file signals on the platform in several areas: water, forests, wildlife, pollution and waste. Once a referral is sent, it will be redirected to the competent institution and will also appear on a notification map, visible to everyone. When an institution responds to a complaint, the platform will show the degree of resolution in real time.

“During the implementation of the two LIFE projects for the conservation of sturgeons, we have often met citizens who reported the existence of illegal activities along the Danube river. But as these cases did not take place in our presence, it was hard for us to alert the authorities in real time. The platform comes to support the goodwill of our citizens, who love nature and can help save sturgeons by signalling poaching activities and directing them as quickly as possible to the authorities responsible for taking action”, said Cristina Munteanu, Project Coordinator “LIFE for Danube Sturgeons” Romania.